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Here it is...

Here is the massive fic roundup that I promise. I am actually surprised by how many Kara/Leoben stories are out there. I haven't even read all of them.

Just a few notes:

1.) Almost all the summaries and ratings are the authors. If there is no summary it probably means that I haven't read it yet.

2.) I am really sorry if there are any mistakes. They are entirely my fault.

3.) Again sorry if you don't see your story. It only means that I haven't read it or couldn't find it again for this post. Feel free to post your links for other stories in the comment section.

Author: lpmufinfiendRating: PG-13
Summary: Series of one sentences. She thinks this may be the beginning of something very troublesome.
Authorrose_griffesRating: PG--fake swearing, kissing, bad wardrobes
Summary: BSG/What Not To Wear, Kara/Leoben, Stacy London, Clinton Kelly, OC's.

Title: Belief AuthormakesmewannadieRating: NC-17
Summary: set post season 1, Leoben takes Kara to his cabin in the woods. Sequel is Repudiation.
Title: The Blessed Ones Authorthe_grynneRating:
Summary: small fic, Leoben centered, Flesh and Bone.
Title: Catharsis in Three Acts Author: doomcrayon Rating:
Summary: 50 sentences, Leoben with mentions of Adama, Roslin and Kara.
Title: A Chronicle of True Love Authorkara_73Rating: K+
Summary: Crack!fic, a look into Leoben’s top-secret diary of his romancing of Kara Thrace on New Caprica.
Title: Comment fic AuthorfahyeRating:
Summary: located in comment section
Title: The Cylon Queen AuthornatalexxRating: PG-13
Summary: Picks up after "Lay Down Your Burdens" pt 2. This is partially based around season 3 rumor/spoilers! Also expect references to events from seasons 1-2. Occupation: The Ordeal of New Caprica. What's more important: survival or resistance? (In 5 Parts)
Title: Deliver My Soul On to God AuthorstormymouseRating: NC-17
Summary: “Kara Thrace sat on the couch, her eyes closed, her whole being tuned into the scents and sounds around her, inside her apartment.”
Summary: Crack!fic, Kara + Leoben + Baby = crazy hijinx
Title: Distant Memory AuthorilliriahrisingRating: P for Porn (NC-17)
Summary: This is a bit of an AU ficlet. It's pre- "Flesh & Bone" and takes place more than a year before the Cylon attack on the Colonies. I'd like to think that it's what could have taken place before the "1st" meeting between Starbuck and Leoben on the Geminon Traveler. Being the hard drinking, reckless, sexually charge gal we all know Kara to be it wouldn't have been beyond the realm of possibility for this to have happened and for the drunken encounter to have quickly become a very distant memory.
Authormercurial_witRating: PG-13
Summary: Post Maelstrom, It's is a story about what happened to Kara after 'Maelstrom', but it's also a story about what happens when you step out of your own narrative, and about piecing together your own destiny. Lots of meta.
AuthorsagenessRating: R
Summary: This story was written after the S3 BSG trailers appeared but before Season 3 started. "We'll see you," Leoben said, and Five shut his eyes and died.”
Title: Familiar AuthorlatteaddictRating: MA
Summary: This is AU and takes place after episode 2.10. Kara discovers another copy of the Leoben model.
Title: Let’s Keep Dancing: Five Ways to Ship Kara Thrace
Author: stars_like_dust Rating: PG-13
Summary: “He could smell the shampoo she used.” Spoilers for kobol's last gleaming, kara/helo kara/tigh kara/leoben (otp!) kara/baltar kara/lee
Title: Four Deaths Dodged AuthorinlovewithnightRating:
Summary: The whole fleet almost dies every day.
Title: Four Mythology Ficlets and another mythical fic Authorrose_griffesRating: PG
Summary: Boomer, Lee, Leoben, Kara
Title: Frenetic Blue Authorwulfgrl71and  bsg_rp_apolloRating: NC-17
Summary: Kara, Lee, Leoben, Showboat, post LDYB. Sequel of sorts (Lee/Kara): The Widening Gyre, PG-13.
Title: The Gloaming Author: marenfic Rating: PG
Summary: Kara/Seelix, shades of Kara/Leoben. “Genie let out of a bottle, it is now the witching hour.” Set around Collaborators.
Title: In Remembrance AuthorsagenessRating:
Summary: (If this loads at the top of the page, the story is the first in the comments section). Cylon mythology, Leoben reflecting on all the cycles of Leoben/Kara.
Title: Leoben on the Brain Authorrose_griffesRating: PG
Summary: ficlet depicting Leoben’s rebirth after death #5
Title: Losing My Step Authorwarmrain_iconsRating: PG
Summary: “The sound of impact reminds her of the time she spent with him. Words, disparate phrases and his rambling about God flooded in and out of her brain with every pulse, beating out a frustratingly even rhythm in her head.”
Title: Navi (Niv Sefatayim) Authorlyra_senaRating:
Summary: There is a lone prophet, with the fruit of the earth in his palm.
Title: One Flesh AuthorjjtaylorRating: Oh, way up there in the creepy
Title: Persephone Rising Authordaera23Rating: R
Summary: AU after Eye of Jupiter. In the end, death was not the worst thing Kara had ever experienced. What came next was infinitely worse.
Title: Phrophesy Authorrose_griffesRating: PG-13
Summary: What happens when Leoben and Kara meet on Earth. Followed up by the absolutely wonderful but utterly depressing Second Winter (on Earth) and concluded with this little ficlet.
Rating: PG
Summary: One little monkey, jumping on the bed, he fell off and broke his head.
Title: A Quiet Song AuthorliminallizRating: PG
Summary: Cut scene from The Farm, and Part 2 of the story.
Title: Red Pants Authorrose_griffesRating: PG
Summary: Crack!fic, Leoben/pants, some Kara/Leoben
Title: Scattershot Authorwisteria_Rating: NC-17
Summary: post-LDYB2. "I keep seeing Cylons when I sleep. I think they're trying to tell me something."
Title: Shadowplay Author: inlovewithnightRating:
Summary: chilling fic. Pre-series 3, warning for psychological twistiness.
Title: Shattered Glass Authorwulfgrl71Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kara reflects on captivity
Title: She’s Only Mostly Dead Authorrose_griffesRating: PG
Summary: Post Maelstrom ficlet with Kara, Head!Leoben moppet and daddy issues
Title: Start Again AuthorjoandarckRating: G
Summary: Small fic, Flesh and Bone, two prequels: Intangibles and This Time
Title: Tesselation Authormercurial_witRating: R for violence
Summary: creepy and violent. “We are two sides of God’s coin, subject to the law of probability.”
Title: Trial By Water AuthordoomcrayonRating: R
Summary: Takes place four days after "Scar." The snow was always melting but never melted. The water was always moving but never moved. Nothing changed: not the trees, the sky, or the shelter, not the dimensions of the glassy lake or the Cylon who found her floating there.
Title: Uncanny AuthorlindentreeRating: R
Summary: “She wished many times, having just stabbed or bludgeoned or strangled him, that the Cylons had failed to make the skin jobs so convincingly human.”
Title: The War at Home AuthorcustardpringleRating: PG-13
Summary: "So tell me, Kara Thrace. Why is it so hard to let someone love you, once in a while?"
Title: When He Followed Her Home Author: natalexx Rating: TV-PG
Summary: S3, takes place post-‘Exodus, part 2’ and ignores canon from there on. “So it's true. I'm in your head. You can hear me. We're connected, Kara."
Title: The Wide Expanses AuthorsagenessRating: PG
Summary: (set during 1.08 Flesh and Bone; vague spoilers through end of Season 2). “You can't see that your destiny's already been written."
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